Gunris Cockburn is a member of a Assassin-for-hire group, The Vigilantes, whom are based in Los Angeles, California. Gunris is the owner of a nightclub and leader of a biker gang.


Early LifeEdit

Gunris was born on January 15th, 1988 to Antano and Entrana Cockburn in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the third of four siblings, with two older sisters and a younger brother. As a child, he would often skip school to got o fast food places or to the movies, and when he was sent to a boarding school, he quickly became a troublemaker.

Eventually, at the age of 18, he was disowned by his family, and dropped out of High-school and was kicked out on the streets as a result. However, he met Varkon Osiris while biking in New Orleans, and got recruited into The Vigilantes, an Assassin-for-hire group

The VigilantesEdit

Gunris was taken to Los Angeles, where he met the other members of The Vigilantes: Hook-handed Vietnam Veteran and team deputy Romus Crubrack, Englishman politician Movark McKillian, Canadian Pyro Hynrek Williams, and Cold War veteran "Ripper".

On the many missions they went, in 2009, Gunris was captured and takenhostage by Somali Pirates and held for ransom. However, he was able escape and kill the pirates just as the ransom was made, therby increasing signifigantly The Vigilantes' amount of money.

In 2014, while fighting against a group of Korean terrorists who were attacking China, Gunris met a Martial Artist and knife seller named Ebrok Chen-Lung, the latter whom assissted The Vigilantes in killing the terrorists. This resulted in Ebrok being recruited into the team and befriending Gunris.

The War Zone eventsEdit



Gunris was mischievous as a child and a teenager, usually pulling pranks or insulting adults. As he got older, he was forced to do work for his parents, like his two older sisters, pompting him to insult his parents so badly that they kicked him out of the house sometimes. This led Gunris to stay out of the house as long as possible, from as short as 1 hour, to as long as a month.

Gunris was intelligent, but to a low level. However, he made up to it with his physical heathliness, with large muscles and thin but swift legs, able to run long distances. 


  • Gunris is also the name of an upcoming MOC on Custom BIONICLE Wiki, and even shares the same MOC. However, their personalities differ.